Tannus Armour now in stock!

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Tannus Armour has arrived

Tannus Armour is a revolutionary new product that will make your tyres virtually puncture proof. 2 common punctures are:


whether it’s glass on the city roads, large thorns on country paths or sharp rocks on the mountain trails.


When you hit a pothole on the road or a large rock on a trail, the impact causes your inner tube to get pinched between your rim and tire, resulting in a puncture

The result? Wasted time. Frustration. Walking home.

Sitting between your tire and inner tube, the Armour guarantees to protect your tires from any damage so that you can carry on riding no matter what.

The Armour adds near 360° protection from glass, thorns and sharp rocks so that nothing will penetrate your tube.

The Armour provides complete cushioning around your inner tube so that when your tire compresses on impact, there is always a layer of protection around your tube to stop it pinching against the wheel.

How does it feel? This extra layer of protection and cushioning absorbs a huge amount of the bumps you would normally feel on your ride, resulting in a significantly smoother, more comfortable ride.

TANNUS ARMOUR – never stop riding.

Parts and Accessories


We stock a wide range of selected parts and accessories for your bike, to enhance your cycling experience or add more comfort and practicality to your bike. All items can be fitted if required, but there may be additional charges for this depending on what is involved.

New bicycles


We have in stock a selection of electric bikes from KTM,VOLT, Gepida, Wisper, Byocycles and Roodog as well as bicycles from Python, Claud Butler and Dawes, ranging from a small childs balance bike, through small bikes with 16”/18” wheels and stabilisers, childrens bikes with 20”/24”/26” wheels right up to adult Mountain / Hybrid / Touring / Road bikes. If we do not have the bike you want in the required size, they can be ordered in on short deliveries (carriage charges may apply).

These are not available on mail order as we prefer to sell properly assembled and checked bicycles for collection by the buyer. We can then be sure that the bicycle is safe for you to ride and we offer a free safety check / first service on it after 10-12 weeks of ownership to make any slight adjustments that may be necessary as things settle in.

We feel this gives a better service than selling bikes in boxes, which you then have to either set up yourself or pay someone else to do it for you. The price we charge is competitive with the online ‘boxed bike’ sellers but is for a fully assembled and checked bicycle, giving you peace of mind that it safe to ride.

Payment can be made by cash or card when you collect your bicycle (sorry, we are unable to accept cheques).

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