Covid-19 update 2024 and ongoing – please read before visiting!

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We have taken the decision to carry on with Covid precautions / restrictions as the virus is still very much present, now with a new variant, so we would ask all visitors to adhere to these requirements in the interest of everyone’s safety. We will still be wearing masks due to health concerns / medical conditions and being in a vulnerable category that requires ongoing shielding, so we would prefer that visitors do likewise, or as a minimum maintaining suitable social distancing.


Please phone before visiting so we can give you a day and time. It is important that you try and stick to the time given as we can only deal with one visitor at a time. Please arrive as close as possible to the time given. If you arrive early or late and there is already someone here, please wait in your vehicle until you are called. If you cannot make the time given, let us know and we will need to         re-book the appointment for another time. NB – if you have any of the symptoms of the virus please do not visit!

Service or repairs

  1. Please ensure the bikes (or parts) for service/repair are CLEAN (dirty bikes or parts caked in oil, mud….or worse….. will be rejected). You will also need to remove any luggage or personal items from the bike before dropping off.
  2. Drop the bikes/parts off at the pre-arranged time and hand them over or leave them in the metal bicycle rack by the trailer. Please DO NOT enter any buildings. We would prefer than only one person is out of the vehicle and please do not allow children or pets to run around.
  3. Leave a note securely attached to the bike (unless those details have already been taken) explaining exactly what needs doing (with your name and contact details). If you require a quote before work is done, let us know.
  4. Bikes or parts will be handled with clean disposable gloves at all times whilst with us.
  5. When work is completed, payment will be required before collection – either by cash or bank transfer (we will text you bank details if required). Please phone and let us know when you have done this so we can confirm receipt of funds before releasing bikes. If you want to pay with cash on collection that is quite acceptable. Sorry but we are unable to process card payments and we do not accept cheques.
  6. The bikes/parts can collected at a pre-arranged time. Again, please stick as close as possible to the time given. We may not come out to you when bikes are dropped off or collected, in accordance with our social distancing policy, but if you need to speak to us, we will do so.

Bike Sales

We can still sell bikes, but not in the way that we normally would. If you want any bike from our website that we have in stock (including electric bikes), you can buy it as you would buy a bike over the internet (payment in advance by bank transfer or through the website if it allows you to), only our bikes will be fully assembled and checked and you will need to collect them (cash on collection is also acceptable).

Bike Viewing / Test Rides (DRY DAYS ONLY on private ground)

It would be extremely helpful if you could look at the website first to see the bikes we have in stock and tell us which one(s) you wish to view. The bikes may be viewed / tried for size ON DRY DAYS ONLY as the bikes have to be brought outside to you. Preferably, just the person trying or viewing the bike should be out of the vehicle you arrive in and social distancing must be observed. Viewing of bikes is normally by pre-booked appointment only and they will be brought out to you. If you arrive without an appointment but know which bike(s) you want to see and there is nobody else booked in, we will try to accommodate you. Please note that if it is wet on the ground or raining, test rides will not be possible.  We cannot allow access into the buildings as we do not have the space for an indoor viewing area.

This may not be ideal, but we regret that it is the only way we can operate safely at the moment, so please bear with us.

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