Tru Tension Grime Guard + Chain Cleaner *SPECIAL OFFER 30% off*

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Attaches to your bicycle wheel to make cleaning chain and cassette less messy – run off is collected in the grime guard. Can be used in conjunction with spray degreaser or chain cleaner and stops wheels and brakes getting splattered.

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Tru Tension Grime Guard + Chain Cleaner

Tru Tension Grime Guard – for when the roads are really mucky and your chain and cassette rapidly get clogged. Cleaning can be an issue as you don’t want to get anything oily near your brakes, but this new product solves the problem. Simply fix to your wheel before cleaning the cassette and chain using spray degreaser or chain cleaner, then run off is collected in the Grime Guard and saves a load of mess!

SPECIAL OFFER – Buy this with a can of Oxford chain cleaner (combined RRP of 2 items £19.99) and save 30%!

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Buying a bicycle is only the start of it – to keep it in peak condition you need to maintain it regularly.

Our service department is equipped to deal with all aspects of repair, service or maintenance; whether you just need a quick adjustment, a cable replaced, new brakes or tyres – the list is endless, but you can rest assured that all work carried out on your bicycle is not only very competitively priced, it is carried out by a cycle mechanic with over 40 years experience.

All work is fully insured and you can choose how much you want to spend depending on the level of work required. Anything from a simple replacement of parts to a full-blown stripdown service is possible, and you can ask for a free estimate or quote before any work is carried out.

You will be advised by the mechanic as to likely repair charges, but if you decide that you cannot warrant spending too much on an old bicycle, why not have a look at our fully serviced second hand bicycles? You can sometimes buy one of these for less than the cost of extensive repairs on your own bike.

We try to keep turnaround times as quick as possible on repairs, but obviously this will depend on how many we have in at any one time. Our aim is to complete repairs within 2-3 days for minor or medium works, or within a week for bigger jobs. If it is a quick easy job we can very often do this while you wait.



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