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So our weather is finally improving.  Your thoughts have turned to (legal) outdoor activities that you can enjoy in the sunshine.  Naturally, cycling rates high on that list for many people as it a (relatively) cheap hobby for most.  It’s good for your health and environmentally friendly.  You decide to go and dig out that bike from the back of the shed and…..Oh dear……

You don’t remember it being that bad when you last used it.  Never fear, help is at hand.  Your bike has been in storage for years.  The tyres are flat (and possibly perished), rust has built up on metal parts, seized up chain or bearings.  What do you do?  That depends on how much money you think it is worth spending on your trusty steed.  At Chris’s Cycles a bicycle service includes a full stripdown and will cost £50.  This covers everything on the bike.  We can bring it back up to full working order (we will charge extra for any new parts your bike requires).  Our prices are very fair and we can advise what needs doing to get your bike roadworthy without the need for a full service.

If you have an old bike that is only worth about £20 or less and you don’t think it is worth spending that amount of money on.  No problem, just pop along and have a look at our second hand bikes in stock.  Prices starting from as little as £35 for a fully serviced machine.  We have the biggest selection of used bikes in the area (normally over 70 bikes in stock).  As well as new bikes from Claud Butler, VOLT and Gepida electric bikes.  You will find something that suits you at Chris’s Cycles.  You can also check out our accessories for sale in our shop and treat yourself to a new helmet or something.

If your bike is a little more valuable or has sentimental attachment and you feel it is worth spending that amount of money for a service, give us a call and get it booked in.  Our turnaround time on repairs is normally quite quick (mostly due to the fact that Chris is out in the workshop slaving away until 10 or 11 each night to get your pride and joy back to you as soon as possible).

What are you waiting for?  The tracks and byways beckon, so get that bike sorted now.  Make the most of the beautiful summer we keep getting promised…………….

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