Covid 19 Update Friday 20 March 2020

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Since we are now in self isolation and avoiding outside human contact, but would still like to provide a service to our customers, we discussed it yesterday and this would really be the only way to get around the current situation (for bike repairs and servicing):

  1. Phone before coming so we know what time you will be here.
  2. Drop the bikes off at the pre-arranged time and leave them by the workshop.
  3. Please ensure the bikes or parts are as clean as possible (bikes caked in oil, mud….or worse will be rejected).
  4. Either leave a note explaining exactly what needs doing (with your name and contact details), or we may open a window to get this information. If you require a quote before work is done, let us know.
  5. When work is completed, BACS payment will be required before collection – please phone and let us know when you have done this so we can confirm receipt of funds before releasing bikes.
  6. The bikes will be left outside for you to collect at a pre-arranged time.

This may not be ideal, but we regret that it is the only way we can operate safely at the moment, so please bear with us until things get back to normal.

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