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Morpher Folding Helmet – the world’s first folding helmet

Morpher Folding Helmet was invented to make cycling safety easier for everyone. It is the world’s first flat folding helmet. Morpher folds & unfolds quickly and simply, so it’s perfect for cyclists who want to carry a helmet more easily.

The Inventor – Jeff Woolf OBE.  Morpher was invented by two times British Inventor of the Year, Jeff Woolf OBE. Jeff invented Morpher Folding Helmet for cyclists who don’t wear a helmet because they are too cumbersome to carry. With more than 2000 bike share schemes worldwide and more bikes than cars sold today in the US and Europe this presents a major solution to a growing road safety problem. RoSPA reports that in the UK 75% of cyclist fatalities were from serious head injuries.
Jeff, who was awarded an OBE by the Queen, for innovation, invented the helmet so that it could fold flat so people would not have to lug around a cumbersome helmet when not in use.
Jeff was involved in a serious bike accident and after doctors told him a helmet saved his life he could not understand why cyclists weren’t wearing helmets. He did a survey and found out that 83% would not wear one because they were too bulky to carry when not in use, and
even worse, that 90% knew they were risking serious injury or worse but still refused to wear one.
Jeff set out finding a way to get people to wear helmets and spent five years working to create a helmet that would not only be easy to carry around when not in use, but would also save lives. Morpher Folding Helmet fits into a bag, rucksack and even a laptop case when not in use.
Morpher Helmet has won prestigious awards for innovation and inventions:
• TIME Magazine (one of TIME magazine’s inventions of the year 2016) • Popular Science Invention of the year • iF D+I Award ‘16 • Edison Gold Award for Innovation
• Platinum award at the British Invention of the Year Awards
• Gold Award for Best Safety Innovation Brussels Eureka

Morpher Helmets fold flat and can easily fit into a bag, rucksack, handbag or laptop bag. They are great when travelling and take up no space in a carry-on bag or a suitcase. The company has built up a strong community of cyclists and supporters and over 5000+ helmets have already been sold worldwide.
Plans for Morpher include a range of exciting new products for the snow sports, motor sports and security markets.
Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce traumatic brain injury or worse. Concerns for cyclists’ safety are rising as casualty and fatality statistics increase as cycling becomes more popular. Potential Markets

Morpher has an integral fit system and adjusts to fit safely and comfortably. Morpher is certified for heads with a circumference of between 52cm & 58cm (20.5 to 22.8 inches) although we have many users with heads up to 62cm (24.4 inches) who are using Morphers comfortably. This covers a wide range of heads from mid-teens to small ladies to medium+ men.

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